Fragrance For Detergent Powder

We have come up with a solution to the most common problem of detergent users and manufacturers i.e. retention of smell while washing clothes and after washing. We are introducing a range of fragrances that leave an amazing smell on the clothes and keep them smelling fresh.

A part of this range of fragrances is Forstic. The smell of this fragrance in detergent gives a premium feel to the detergent powder. This fragrance leaves the clothes fresh, smelling like the note of a Sweet Sytrus perfume. The fragrance can be experienced right from the moment you open the pouch till even after the time the clothes are wore.


This range of fragrances is stable at high temperature and PH, thereby perfectly suiting the needs of manufacturing. The dosage range of only 0.1% – 0.3% also lends economical prices to the manufacturer, making it perfectly suitable both for end customer as well as manufacturer.

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